Recommended Book: The Hard Break

hard break

The Hard Break by Aaron Edelheit

What do Kanye West, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, and Aaron Edelheit have in common? They’ve all been very successful in their lives, and they all understand (or understood) the importance of taking a break from work.

Edelheit draws upon source after source (200 endnotes?!) to successfully back his claim that, not only is time away from work healthy, but being constantly “on call” to your job through texts, emails, or phone calls is ultimately detrimental to your productivity, let alone your health.

Edelheit uses research, anecdotes from other successful entrepreneurs, as well as his own battles with overwork and underperformance to back his thesis. His stories are compelling; after reading his book, I have a much clearer concept of the importance of “R & R”. Furthermore, I can look back and see evidence of overwork and underperformance in my own career. Now I’m convinced that the best leaders work hard and rest hard; in the past year, I’ve cultivated a routine of family time, work time, and rest time that has made me much happier, much healthier, and much more productive than I was in the past. I appreciate the work that Aaron Edelheit put into his book. It makes a profound case for finding an all-important balance in life.

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