Letters of Recommendation


Ingri Gundersen letter

Steven Manson letter

Transcription of the above letter from Dr. Steven Manson:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing a letter of reference for John White. I have had the pleasure of being his children’s physician and have observed his parenting skills on numerous occasions. John has always been a strong advocate for his kids, and has been such for all of the children in our community as a leader in education.

John is an excellent communicator. He is calm and fair, and his style is to focus on solutions with the input of others.

John has training in the concepts of building community and the development of equity in our educational system. He has shown leadership in advocating for families through the Gundersen Parent Advisory Board, Big Brothers, Wafer, Adaptive Sports League, and earlier in life on the Navajo Reservation.

In summary, I would recommend John as a great candidate without reservation.

Dr. Steven Manson

Chairman, Dept of Pediatrics

Kathryn letter

Dawn's letter-3

prewitt letter

I include this letter, because I’ve always made it a priority to connect with the families of the children I teach. I view parents as my partners in the education of their children.

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